Sunday, April 23, 2017


In case you're wondering what R.S.C. stands for, it stands for Regional Student Convention. Every year, there's an AMAZING convention for students using A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) full of GREAT preaching, fun competition, and LOTS of FELLOWSHIP!! Although I'm too old to compete, I had the opportunity to attend with a few students and was able to help serve at the convention! Unfortunately, I didn't have a great camera, so I only got a few pictures, but I hope you enjoy them!!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table, indoor and food

That's me helping serve lunch. You may also recognize the other people facing the camera. That's Evangelist Steve Piggot (who was the convention speaker,) and Dad.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, suit and indoor

As I mentioned above, Evangelist Steve Piggot was the speaker and he preached some GREAT sermons that were challenging, encouraging, and convicting. I was so blessed to be able to be there! This is him with two of our students!!

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I mentioned the fellowship!! This is me visiting with one of the MANY people I was blessed to visit with!!!

Image may contain: dessert and food

At one of the churches we used, there was a man who carved this watermelon for us!!!!!

And that's all the pictures I have for you today! If you're interested in more pictures from other years, you can check out this post from last year with my take on the awards ceremony, or this post on my mom's blog from two years ago!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Writing Class Deadline!

The deadline for registration for the Inch by Inch - Writing's a Cinch workshop closes in one week! Make sure to get your registrations in before then!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

When God Asked Me To Quit Writing

       I became serious about my writing when I was thirteen. I knew it was something that God wanted me to do, and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.
        I began spending so much time at my laptop doing research and writing, that I was spending less time reading the Bible. Days would go by where I didn’t read at all. Sitting in church, all I could think about was my books, and I was starting to not care about spiritual things.
       Then one night, God had a talk with me. Now obviously, God wasn’t verbally speaking to me, but as I lay in bed that night, unable to sleep, I felt as if God whispered in my heart. “Do you love me more than your writing?”
        I didn’t want God to think that I wasn’t spiritual, so I quickly responded with a “Yes! Of course I love you more than my writing!”
       “Then why can’t you spend even ten minutes a day with me? Why are you always at your laptop?” The still small voice asked.
        I tossed and turned. This was not the kind of conversation that I wanted to have late Saturday night. “You know that I love you,” I insisted.
       “If you really love me, then stop writing.”

        “No! I’m not giving up my writing!” I argued back. “You’re the one that called me to write! You’re the one that gave me my dreams and allowed me to get my laptop.” I promised to make more time to read the Bible and pray, but God ignored my pathetic arguments. He just held out his hand and asked for my laptop.

        I promised not to write for at least a week, but that didn’t work. God wanted me to quit writing forever.

        Tears streamed down my cheeks. “I can’t give you my writing!”

        In that moment, I realized that if I didn’t let go, my writing would mean nothing. If God wasn’t blessing me, I would never have a chance at fulfilling my dreams of being published.

        I was confused. Why would God take this away from me when He was the one that gave it to me? Despite all my arguing, God still held out His hand.

        I began to physically tremble as I realized who I was arguing with. God Almighty, who was giving me my every breath, was asking me to yield one area of my life to Him, and I was saying no.

        Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Okay, God, you can have my writing.” A wave of peace washed over me. Here I had been so worried that God would make me miserable, and I hadn’t even realized that I was the one making myself miserable.

        First thing the next morning, I grabbed my laptop, and all of my USB flash drives, and headed downstairs. I knew that if I didn’t get rid of my USB flash drives with my books, then I could go back to them even without the laptop.

        I set my laptop and the flash drives on the entryway floor, and started looking for a sledge hammer. That’s when Mom came in and asked me what I was doing.

       “I’m going to smash my laptop,” I said. 

       “Why? Is there something wrong with it?” she asked.

       “It’s too important to me,” was all I could say without breaking down in tears.

       My wise mother told me to put my laptop in her room and go get ready for church.

       At first, I was mad. Here I was trying to give it to God and Mom stepped in and stopped me.
I had another small argument with God but, like always, He won. I felt genuinely happy for the first time in weeks.

       I don’t remember what the sermon was about that morning but it caused another fight in my heart.

      “When you get home, I want you to write.

      I felt sure that I had misheard the still small voice. God couldn’t possibly have changed His mind so fast! But the thought kept coming back. I fought it. “God, I gave it to you! I don’t want to ever touch my laptop again!”

      But God just repeated the command. I was reminded of the verse in 2 Corinthians 5:15 “And that he died for all, that they which live should NOT henceforth live unto themselves, BUT UNTO HIM which died for them, and rose again.” It was as if God was saying. “You were writing for yourself, and so I stopped you, but now that you’ve given it to me, I want you to write for me.”

       I went home and started writing again but, this time, it wasn’t for me. I still struggle with making sure that my writing doesn’t become too important to me. It’s a struggle because I REALLY love writing! But I’ve learned that no matter how much I love writing, or how much it means to me, it can never become more important than my daily devotions. I can write hard, but I have to pray harder.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Romanian Missions Trip!

  A very dear friend of mine just returned from an AWESOME missions trip to Romania with her Grandpa! I asked her to share with us all about that trip, so here's the post from her. THANK YOU, JESSICA FOR WRITING THIS!!!!

Hello everyone!

        This is Jessica Jeffery. Priscilla asked me to do a post about a recent missions trip I was on. It has been incredibly difficult to put the entire story into one blog post. :)

        Every year, my Grandpa takes a trip to Romania to give some Bible classes to a church, and visit the places where he and my Grandma used to be missionaries. After many months of praying, God worked it out that I would go with him.

        So it was settled, I was going to Romania on a missions trip with my Grandpa. My Grandma decided to make the trip too, as well as Doctor McNeilly, a friend of my Grandpa's. Doctor McNeilly would be helping teach the classes. Many Romanian Pastors attend the classes, as well as members of the church. Adam was also a member of our group. Adam is Romanian born, and plans on being a missionary in Romania.

         One Romanian family over there have a ministry of teaching Bible classes to the children in the schools. From an early age this couple Zoli and Ema felt burdened for the children of their country. After they got married they established a non-profit mission name in order to go to the schools. Zoli and Ema now teach Bible lessons in many schools as well as doing crafts, and handing out food and clothing in occasion.

        So the jobs Adam and I had on this trip would be to accompany Zoli and Ema to the schools and give a Bible lesson and do crafts for the kids. We also did some special music a few times at the church.

        Teaching lessons to these kids was really great. Of course there was the little nerves of will they like me? How is my lesson going to go? What if I mess up? But, as soon as I walked into the first classroom and saw their shy smiling faces my heart just melted. You couldn't help but love them. I was wondering to myself, how did that happen? How could I just love them as soon as I saw them? And it occured to me that as soon as I decided to come, I knew I was coming for them. Choosing a lesson, praying over it, praying for the kids, that's when you choose to love them. So seeing them and getting to know them was amazing. There were still times where it was slightly awkward as we met each other, got past the shy hellos, stumbled over words during a lesson, or interrupted your translator. But, all in all, God really helped us get past ourselves, and focus on pleasing Him.

        I was scared before going because I was afraid I wouldn't be good enough. Why me? What could I possibly do to make a difference? But, God was really working on me that I would just learn to trust him. To stop worrying about being good enough, to not worry about doing everything right for my church, but just focus on pleasing God.

       Well, I thank God for an amazing trip! My Grandpa and Doctor McNeilly each gave hours of lessons daily. I was glad to play the piano for the people there. My Grandma was able to visit many of the people there, and be a blessing to all of us. Three mornings, Zoli and Ema took Adam and I out to the village schools to give lessons and crafts.

        Everyone stepped away feeling like it was a very blessed trip. We thank God for the health, safety, ministry, and overall good memories, from this trip. We were able to spend a day and a half in Budapest Hungary as well. Zoli, Ema, and their son Brian, accompanied us. They were such a huge blessing to us!

      I really don't know who encouraged who on this trip. We had gone to be a blessing to the people of Romania and yet, they were able to encourage us. I didn't know their language, I didn't know them, and yet they treated me as a daughter and sister.

       I don't know why God wanted me to go, but, I'm glad He allowed it. I don't know if I'll ever go back, but I will always remember it.

       There is nothing like meeting fellow believers in other countries! Seeing the differences in each of our lives and yet knowing that we all serve the same God is awesome.

       So if I just want to encourage you all to trust God. I don't know what he has planned for all of us but I do know it's better than anything we can come up with. You don't have to go on a missions trip to serve God. He wants us to be pleasing Him everyday. In the normal stuff like doing the dishes or going to work. Are you easy to use? Is your attitude pleasing to God? These are the questions I've been asking myself and trying to work on. So what has he been teaching you?

     I hope this post can be an encouragement to somebody! Thanks for taking the time to read it.


Deuteronomy 12:18b And thou shalt rejoice before the Lord thy God in all that thou putest thine hands unto.

(Jessica also shared some pictures with us! I added the captions on my own, so I hope I get all the of them right, but if you have a question, feel free to ask in the comments!)

This is the whole team from left to right - Adam, Dr. McNeilly, Jessica's Grandpa and Grandma, and Jessica in the front.

Jessica had the opportunity to bless them with her skill on the piano.

Teaching with an interpreter.

The people there LOVED meeting Jessica!

Here's Jessica with one of the classes that she was able to teach, as you can see, she made them all balloon animals!

THANK YOU, AGAIN, JESSICA for sharing with us, and for allowing God to use you!!!! I'm so blessed and encouraged by your example.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Workshop for Beginning Writers!

    I'm EXCITED to announce that I'll be doing a workshop on writing fiction on the 27th of April from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.! It's for beginning writers ages 10 and up and will be held at the Family Fundamental Church, three miles west of Warroad on Hwy. 11. The cost is $12 per student. (This includes a workbook, snacks and over four hours of instruction.) Bring a bag lunch, and be sure to register by April 25th by e-mail ( or in person!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Two More Questions Answered

Question - What is your favorite fiction book?

Answer - I don't have just one!!! But I guess if I had to pick a couple, I would say . . . The Northwoods Adventures  and the Freedom Seekers by Lois Walfrid Johnson. The Accidental Detectives by Sigmund Brouwer. The Hidden Hand, The Lost Pearle, and The Lost Clue from Lamplighter. Monster by Frank Pereti. Arby Jenkins by Sharon Hambrick. Sherlock Jones by Ed Dunlop. The Peabody Adventures by Jerri Massi. And The Frencolian Chronicles by Carolyn Ann Aish.

  You may notice that a lot of these books are juvenile fiction, and yes, I still read juvenile fiction even though I'm twenty! I do enjoy and read others as well, but I find it helpful when I'm writing a genre like juvenile fiction, to be reading books in that same genre and since my latest project is a juvenile fiction book, that's what I've been reading.

     DISCLAIMER - Just because I enjoy a book listed above does not mean I totally approve of all content or other books by the same authors.

Question - What inspired you to write books?

Answer - I've always liked writing, but I wasn't serious about writing books until I was somewhere around thirteen years old. I didn't like reading until I was ten years old when one of my siblings made me read a Hardy Boy book. I got hooked and ended up reading every Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy book that I could get my hands on. By the time I had exhausted my supply of them, I had developed a love for reading and I was ready to read other books. The more I read, the more I wanted to write. I read a LOT of books those next few years and worked on my writing as well, but at that point, although I wanted to be an author someday, I didn't see it happening anytime soon. Then, when I was thirteen years old, my mom bought me the One Year Adventure Novel high school curriculum and, by doing so, proved to me that she thought I could get published. When I knew that my mom thought I could do it, I knew I had to try. From then on, I became serious about my writing and I've been writing ever since. So in short, I guess it was a mixture of my siblings helping me learn to like reading, and my mom believing in me and and giving me confidence..

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


MISSION OF A LIFETIME is nearing it's release date and although the printed book won't be out until then, the book is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon as a kindle book and on Barnes and Nobles as a nook book!

If you're interested in a review of the book, here's one written by an author!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Green Pastures Farm: All in Their 20's!

   My siblings and I are all in our twenty's now! Four of us are married now, but we all still get together and have a LOT of fun. We've got some AWESOME in-laws too and we have so much together!!! Mom posted about it on our family blog if you want to see the picture of us.

Green Pastures Farm: All in Their 20's!: The 'kids' were all over tonight with their families so we took a "All in our 20's" photo.  I am so thankful for the...

Friday, March 17, 2017

More Photos!!!

I'm SERIOUSLY NOT trying to overkill you with posts today, but I thought you might like to see these pictures!!!

A wooden magnet that Grandpa O. made me for my birthday!

Grandma O. made me these cookies!

 And a few years ago they gave me this nutcracker!!! :) :) :)

The Mystery of the St. Patrick's Day Necklace?

Can anyone help me solve the mystery of this AWESOME light up necklace??? Several years ago, it showed up in my mailbox addressed to me with no return address. Every year, I wear it on St. Patrick's Day, but I still have NO IDEA who gave it to me!!! Does anyone have a clue??? 

TODAY IS . . .

      It's Saint Patrick's Day today!!! And if you're like me, that really makes no difference in your day!!! How many of you actually celebrate St. Patrick's Day and how do you do it??? I'd love to hear from you guys!!
      Today is also my 20th birthday. So I'm going to answer the questions that were sent in to me, and a few that were added.

QUESTION ONE - How old were you when you got saved?

    ANSWER - I was 3 1/2 years old. Growing up in a Christian home, I was taught from the Bible from a REALLY young age and although, at the age of 3 1/2 I didn't understand it all, (I still don't:) I knew enough to know that I was a sinner and on my way to Hell. I knew that Jesus had died to pay for my sins and I put my faith in Him. Since then, I've had many struggles, bumps, and doubts in my spiritual life, but God is SOOOOO Good!!! He is always there and He is the same yesterday, today, and FOREVER!!!!

QUESTION TWO - How many books have you written?

     ANSWER - It's complicated!!! I think I would have to say I've written ten books. Five of them are published, one of them will be published by May, and the other four I wrote this winter and they're still in the rough draft stage. Hopefully I'll be able to edit them when I get home from camp. I also have a workbook/unit study book that I don't count with my fiction but that is also published.

QUESTION THREE - What do you want to be when you grow up?

        ANSWER - A writer!!!! However, if I can't be a writer, than I would like to be a writing coach or teacher.

QUESTION FOUR -  When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

       ANSWER - I WRITE!!!! (Or read!)

QUESTION FIVE - What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

       ANSWER - I was just an all-around brat! Nothing really deliberate, I was just a bad kid!

QUESTION SIX -  What story does your family always tell about you?

    ANSWER - When I was little, someone had to watch me at nap time until I fell asleep or I would climb out of my crib!! When I was 3 or 4, I would crawl out the window so I could go jump on the trampoline when no one was watching! 

On another note, two of my AWESOME nephews were over this morning helping their grandpa milk the cows and I'm afraid that even though I'm twenty, I may not always act like it. :(

Sunday, March 12, 2017

What Don't You Know About Me?

In a few days I'm going to be doing a birthday post, and I was thinking about doing a post with things about me you might not know,  the only problem is that I have no idea what you know about me!  So if you have any questions about me, or my writing,  or my life, or my convictions, or ANYTHING about me at all, go ahead and ask in the comments! I would love to answer your questions!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Blizzardish Weather / Ministry Opportunity

   As many of you know, my sister, Hosanna, does chalk art drawings. On Tuesday, Hosanna did a chalk talk at a Senior Housing place in a town near us. She drew, Dad shared a message with the gospel, and I played piano before as a prelude, and after as 'background music' during their coffee and snack time.

The chalk talk, was about Jesus calming the storm. It was really neat because during the 'storm' that Dad was talking about, Hosanna had waves all over the sea, but as soon as Dad talked about the calming of the storm, she made it calm really fast!

As I said above, I played piano.

And on the way to and from the place, this is what it looked like out of the windshield. It was REALLY windy!! Anyways, it was an awesome opportunity to minister to the elderly even if the storm outside didn't get calmed like the one inside!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Thank You Everyone!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped nominate my book and shared the post!!! You guys are all so AWESOME!!! That was really short notice and a short contest, so you guys were great! Unfortunately, MISSION OF A LIFETIME was not chosen at this point. MISSION OF A LIFETIME will be released sometime in May and I look forward to sharing it with you all then! :):):)


My book, MISSION OF A LIFETIME, might be made into an AUDIO BOOK!!!!!! But I need HELP!!! If you have Facebook, please go to this link and leave a comment to nominate my book and be put in a drawing to win a free copy of the printed book!!!

And feel free to share this EVERYWHERE!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Today Is . . .

NATIONAL Strawberry Day!!!!

And actually, it's also National polar bear day as well!

I can understand this being polar bear day since the weather is still cold, but whoever named this national strawberry day didn't live in northern Minnesota! With snow and ice everywhere, I haven't seen any strawberry plants growing lately. 
I don't know who decides what day it is, but regardless of what people say, today is not just a national day. It's not just an International day. Today is a universal day that the Lord hath made! We should REJOICE and be GLAD in it!!!!!! So if you want to get a bowl of strawberries with cream and watch out for polar bears go ahead! Just remember to REJOICE!!!!! :) :)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Inch By Inch - Writing's A Cinch!

   I'm pleased to announce that Inch By Inch - Writing's A Cinch a unit study on writing fiction for beginning writers is now available!!!!

     ABOUT - The unit study consists of twelve 'Inches' (or chapters) with lessons and blanks to fill in and get your student to move forward in their writing. It can be done along with your students regular school, or as a side book for fun. Each unit could take up to a week to complete, but if you have a dedicated student who is passionate about moving forward in their writings, they could easily do one unit per day.

     WHO IS IT FOR? - If you're a beginning beginner and you write fiction, this is for you. It does not cover writing non-fiction.

     WHERE TO PURCHASE? - Inch By Inch - Writing's A Cinch is available for purchase at where you can also see a sample of the interior. The price on Lulu is $10.50. If you wish to purchase it through me directly, I do have copies for sale at $10.00 +shipping.

    A special thank you to Hosanna Krahn for her illustration work on the interior comics!

Now you may be wondering why I would write a book like this. I mean I've only written nine books and I have a LOT of room for improvement. Why would I write a unit study when I'm still a beginner myself? Well, ever since I started writing, I've had younger writers asking me questions. Questions that I've been forced to learn the answers to over the last few years. This work book was put together to answer those questions, and to teach younger writers the things that I've learned in the last seven years of writing. So this is for BEGINNING beginner writers. 

I'm currently working on putting together a four to five hour workshop for beginning writers based on this book. More to come on that soon.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Super Power!

   I've been asked a few times what my super power is, and I normally respond with a blank look and a "Huh?".
   But the other day, I was helping Mom with some decorations, and I discovered my super-power! I CAN SEE INVISIBLE THINGS!

       I don't know if you can see it or not, since the package said it was invisible, but I can see it! It's invisible tape, but I can see it!!!! :) :) :) :)

Okay, so invisible tape isn't really invisible, but it did get me thinking. I can't see the invisible, but my God can see the invisible. He can see the invisible things, and He can see the things that we think are invisible to others. Those things that we do when we're alone. The things we do in the silence of our own minds. God sees it. God knows all about it, and God cares. So do what's right because God can see the invisible. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

Mission of a Lifetime Excerpt

I've been in contact with my publisher and it's looking like Mission of a Lifetime may not be out until later May, but I'm still excited at the progress that's been going on with it and I wanted to share a small excerpt from it with you.

. . . “So there’s nothing we can do?” Alano arched an eyebrow.
“If I were Jerry I would just create a vaccine.”
“But you’re not Jerry, you’re Willie.” Alano put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Don’t you think it’s time you let Jerry go?”
Willie shrugged Alano’s hand off. “Where’s the chief?”
Alano nodded towards the other end of the village. “That way.”
Willie hurried down the main path to a hut at the far end. He couldn’t help but notice that the village seemed deserted. He hoped it wasn’t because everyone had fled the village.
The Wogami chief stood outside the hut with his arms crossed in a sign of authority. He was an older man with a snake drawn across his face.
Willie approached him cautiously. He knew the Wogamis had been in contact with missionaries at one point, but he had no idea how they would feel towards them now.
Having the chief support them was crucial, so bowing, he tried to show his respect.
“You’ve come, white Missionary,” the chief said in Spanish.
Willie let out a sigh of relief. At least the chief spoke Spanish.
“I’ve come,” Willie responded in Spanish. He felt silly repeating what the chief had already said, but he knew that it was showing politeness.
“My people are dying,” he said. “White Missionary make them better?”
Willie nodded. “I’ll try, but I don’t know how much I can do.”
The chief nodded. “You will help. If you don’t make my son better, I will kill you.”
“We need to make sure people don’t leave the village,” Willie said. “It could spread the disease and cause others to get sick.”

The chief’s expression didn’t change. “If my people get sick and die, others must die too.” . . .

 Have a great week serving God!!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Honoring Our Parents Vs. Following Our Dreams

Does loving God mean I have to agree with my parents?

          A few months ago, my family had a discussion about me working at a camp as a teen counselor. The problem was, Dad, and Mom agreed that I should go, but I didn’t think I should.
          I had so many great reasons why I shouldn’t go. I mean if I went, I would have to miss out on some ministry opportunities here at home. And am I really qualified to be a counselor? I mean kids look up to their counselors . . . would I be a good example? I’m nineteen and the idea of being in charge of a room full of teenage girls sounds CRAZY!
          I had so many fears and concerns, I didn’t want to go and I didn’t feel like God was giving me any reasons to go, but my parents wanted me to go. We’ve all faced situations like this before.
Your parents don’t want you listening to a certain kind of music, but you don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and God hasn’t told you not to listen to it. Or maybe it’s more serious. Maybe your parents want you to marry someone, or don’t want you to marry someone, and you don’t agree with them. Shouldn’t God give you directions that agreed with your parents’ wishes?
         You’ve all heard people say things like ‘You can’t let your family run my life. It’s your life, and you need to make your own decisions’. But is that really right? Yes, we wanted to make our own decisions, but we can’t really ignore our parents’ wishes either.
        So I began doing some serious thinking. I asked myself what the most important thing in my life should be, and I came to the conclusion, that the Bible is right. The greatest command is to love the Lord with ALL of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I knew that was what I wanted. But how does that relate to listening to my parents?
        The Bible says in John14:15, that if we love God, we WILL keep HIS commandments. The Bible commands us to honor and obey our parents, so therefore, if we love God, we will keep his commandment and honor and obey our parents. You’ll notice, if you study the Bible, that it doesn’t say we only have to honor our parents when they deserve it. Neither does it say that we only have to honor and obey them until we’re over eighteen and then we can do what we want. It doesn’t give any excuses, just a command. Honor your parents.
        So I came to the conclusion, that if I love God, I will obey His commandments and honor and obey my parents all the time. The only exception being when a parent commands you to do something that is forbidden in the Bible. Like if your parents tell you to steal, then you don’t have to obey because the Bible says in Acts 5:29 ‘…we ought to obey God rather than men.’ But if you have saved parents, you shouldn’t have to deal with that.
        I studied the Scriptures and there wasn’t a single verse that told me NOT to go to camp. So even though I wasn’t at peace about it, and I wasn’t excited about it, I sent in an application with faith that if God didn’t want me to go, He wouldn’t let me get accepted. It was what my parent wanted, and to love God, I had to keep His commandments by obeying my parents.
        Then I got accepted. At first I was a little bewildered. I mean didn’t God know that I wasn’t supposed to be accepted? Then it all clicked. God’s not so concerned with which ministry I’m working with, as He is with my attitude about it. God wasn’t trying to make me doubt myself; He was trying to help me learn to trust. Now, I’m EXCITED about going to camp this summer! I can’t wait to see how God’s going to work in my life, and how He’s going to use me to work in the lives of others! Yet even with this lesson, I still don’t always do exactly what my parents want me to do without questioning them. Yes, I SHOULD always do what my parents want me to do without questioning them.

        It sounds crazy, that as a young adult, I would feel like we ought to honor our parents’ decisions in a day when young people are told to follow their dreams. It’s your life to live, and don’t let others tell you how to live it! Yes, I believe we should pursue the dreams God gives us, but I believe before our dreams, should come our obedience to the obvious commands in Scripture. Because it’s when we obey God, that we love God. And loving God is the GREATEST command of all.

    How are you doing with keeping the Greatest Commandment? Are you loving God? Are you keeping His commands? Are you honoring your parents?

Monday, January 23, 2017

What I Wish I'd Known Then . . . and What I Know Now

Today is the one year anniversary for my blog! I originally started this blog to share writing tips and the like, and although I haven’t done real well with sticking to that, I decided to do it today to celebrate the anniversary of this blog. So here are some things that I wish I had known when I started seriously writing at the age of thirteen, that I know now.

         1. Being a writer, does NOT mean that you have to be weird! As a young writer, I loved the idea that I was weird because I liked to write. I loved getting strange looks from people because I would talk out loud to my characters and because I talked about weird things. Now, I realize that being a writer is no different than being a builder, or a musician, or a grocery store worker. It’s what I do. I enjoy my work and there’s nothing weird about that. Some people talk about cars, or music, or art. I talk about writing. I don’t have to be weird to be a writer. Like all jobs, it has it's different sides, (like you see in my 'You Know You're a Writer' post,) but that doesn't mean it's weird.

         2. It’s okay to let people read what you write! Do you remember my blog post about my notebooks? I was TERRIFIED that someone would see what I had written! Now, although I still get nervous when people read what I write, I’ve learned that it’s not the end of the world. It’s actually VERY helpful getting people’s feedback. If you have people in your life willing to read your writings, be thankful for that! Not everyone has that.

       3. Criticism is a GOOD thing! To be honest, I still don’t like people tearing my writings apart, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean they hate me. When someone takes the time to give you honest feedback, don’t get mad at them and think they’re being mean. It takes honesty to give an honest opinion, and if someone will honestly critique your writings, you’re VERY blessed.

     4. Your family is always right. If you’ve ever written something, and then your whole family told you that this one part of it was unrealistic, then they’re probably right. Even if it’s your favorite part. When I started writing and my family gave me feedback, I thought they were wrong. But the more I write, the more I realize that if they think something isn’t written right, then any other reader I may get, will probably think the same thing. It hurts sometimes, changing  a scene that I really like, but I’ve never regretted any of the changes my family’s told me to make, no matter how grievous it seemed at the time.

      5. Prayer is REALLY important while writing. When I started writing, I didn’t pray much about what I was writing, now, my motto has become, ‘Write Hard, but Pray Harder’. If we’re not praying about our writings, we’re not as likely to learn from them, and trust me; I’ve learned some HUGE lessons while writing.

     6. It’s okay to write things that you know you’re going to have to change. For example, when I started writing, there were days when I wouldn’t get anything written because I HAD to find the perfect name for a character. Now, I’ll just tag the first name that comes to mind onto the character and keep going. Then when I’m done, I’ll often go back and change it, or sometimes, I find that the name has grown on me and it’s actually perfect for the character.

     7. There are more important things than writing. If you’re an avid writer you’re probably glaring at me right now, but seriously, writing isn’t everything. It’s more important to have a good relationship with your family. It’s more important to do your chores, and it’s WAY more important to do your devotions! No matter how much you love writing, it should never get in the way of the direct commands God has given in Scripture. He didn’t command you in the Bible to write an epic fantasy novel, but He did command you to obey your parents.

     8. Being an author, is harder than being a writer. When I was thirteen and I was dreaming about being published, I imagined it to be a lot like my current writing life, only then I would have readers. Now I know that, there’s way more to being an author than to being a writer. As an author, you have to have a platform. You have to be willing to be a salesmen, and you have to be willing to leave your precious writings to interact with others. Marketing, advertising, getting your name out there, it’s hard, it can be expensive, but it’s the reality of being an author. People won’t buy your book just because it’s published.

      9. Getting a Biblical message into a book can be the hardest part. I didn’t want to have long sermons typed out in the middle of a kidnapping drama, but I also didn’t want anyone to be able to read it and come away without knowing the message. Now there is NOTHING wrong with pausing a story to teach something, but if you’re trying to intertwine the spiritual lesson into the plot, it can get really hard and complicated. It’s not as easy as it should be, but since it’s the most important part, we shouldn’t expect it to be easy.

    10. The first rough draft is just the beginning. I’ll never forget the feeling I got when I finished writing out my first book in a notebook. I was ecstatic! I had written a book! Then I had to type it out and I began changing things. Suddenly, writing the first draft wasn’t such a big deal. By the eighth draft, I wanted to give up, but I learned that as hard as editing is, it’s where a real manuscript is made.

What it looked like when I started writing . . .

What it look's like now.

I hope this was helpful! If you’re looking at this list going, “Wow! I’m not so sure I like writing anymore,” take heart. It’s in the storms that God walks on water. God makes beauty from ashes, When we’re weak, then HE is shown to be strong!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Thought for Today.

I read this quote the other day and thought it was a question we should all ask ourselves.

    "If my life was the only evidence that Christ was risen from the dead, would anyone be convinced?"

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ten Things You Should Write . . . Even if You're Not a Writer.

      I believe that whether you’re a writer or not, you should be writing. That DOESN’T mean you have to write books, or volumes about your life, but I think you should write at least one of the following things this year.

1.  Letters. (Who doesn’t like getting letters? Just think of all of the people you could influence for Christ through writing.)

2. Letters to long? Write short notes! There are a lot of older people who are lonely. There are a lot of parents who need encouragement. There’s a lot of young people, (even children) who could use some mentoring. One note from you, could really encourage someone and help them through a hard time.

3. Write a journal. That DOESN’T mean that you need to write loooooong journal or diary entries. But you may find that looking back on the journeys’ God’s led you might really help encourage you. Writing even once a week is good way to keep track of what God's been doing in your life.

4. Start a prayer journal. Being able to look back at answered prayers is always a huge encouragement.

5.  Write Scripture out. If you’re trying to memorize, writing really helps to learn it. However, even if you aren’t memorizing, (which you should always do!) writing Scripture is always a good thing! Write on note cards that you can post around the house. Post encouraging verses in front of the dish sink, or by the bathroom sink. Write out verses on bookmarks.

6. Write encouraging quotes in obvious places where you’ll see them often and be reminded to serve God.

7. Write thank you cards. No matter how small a service is, it’s nice to know that people appreciate it, so remember to thank people. Write notes for people when they give you something, or do something nice for you.

8.  Write sermon notes. If you struggle with paying attention during a service, writing sermon notes can really help.

9. Write lists. Do you have any trouble getting things done in the day? Write down goals and try to accomplish them. Sometimes having a simple list can keep a day on track and help us remember little things that we’re prone to forgetting.

10. Write down what you’re reading in the Bible. If you struggle with reading the Bible, writing down what you’ve read can help you realize how often you miss. If you’re really struggling. Consider finding a friend who will also write down what they’ve been reading, and then switch notebooks every week. It’s a great way to keep each other accountable.

So even if you’re not a writer. Find something to write! Writing will improve your writing of course, but it will also help you appreciate other people more, and it will make you a better reader. J

(And no, this is NOT ALL of my notebooks!)

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Book update - Mission of a Lifetime is still going through the publishing process. If you're wondering when it's going to be out . . .  I can't really tell you because I'm not sure yet. Aren't I so helpful!:)

Writing update - What have I been writing since Mission of a Lifetime is out of my hands? I've just printed off a complete draft of my Inch by Inch - Writings a Cinch! a unit study on writing fiction for beginning writers. Although I've still got some editing to do, I'm excited that it's progressing nicely. My sister has completed the comics for it and I think that they're AMAZING! Thank you, Hosanna!

       I'm also working on a short story for . . . well, I can't tell you about that one yet.
       And I'm also trying to figure out which novel I'm going to complete next. I've written parts of four different books from four totally different genres. Although I like them all, I'm not sure yet whether I really want to complete any of them, or if there's something else I should be writing about. I could use prayer for wisdom on knowing what to write next.

Health update - As some of you may know, I've been sick off and on since end of November. First it was strep throat, and then I got a cold . . . which developed into bronchitis, and now, although I'm recovering from bronchitis, I'm still fighting a cough. Yesterday, I ended up going into the chiropractor for a dislocated rib caused by my coughing. I could definitely use prayer for a recovery as well. Coughing with a sore rib is . . . well, not very fun.

For someone like me who's never really had any clinic-visit-worthy illnesses in my life, it was an adventure to visit the clinic. Especially since, before they examined me and knew that I wasn't contagious, they had me where a mask. :)

Weather update - We had some good snows, and now the temperature has dropped to the negative digits which is very normal for northern Minnesota this time of year. Our patio has collected a nice snow drift or two.

Farm update - The snow makes checking fences a little more difficult and since some of the cows wanted to be in a pen with some of the other cows, we have had a few problems with the cows getting out . . . 

Spiritual update - In my devotions, I just finished reading through the book of Nehemiah. If you don't have a time set aside to read your Bible every day, you REALLY need to get one. I'm not always very good at reading my Bible EVERY day, but when I do read it every day, even if I'm not 'getting much out of it' so to speak, it helps me anyways. 
     When I look at the past few years, I find myself summing them up with different words depending on what God was teaching me. 2014-15 was 'Thankfulness,' but when I look at 2015-16 I honestly feel like the best phrase to sum it up was 'spiritually dry.' We all have times like that in our Spiritual lives. Times where we don't feel like we're growing. Times where everything seems harder than it should. But someone once explained to me about some seeds that, once planted, lie in the ground for years without any obvious life, and then suddenly, one day, they grow into huge trees at an incredibly fast rate. The secret is, during those years that the seed seems lifeless from the top of the soil, it's growing an amazing root system, so when the time is right for the plant to grow above the ground, the roots can sustain it. 
    So if you've had a spiritually 'dry' year, don't fret. Persevere, trust God, and stay faithful. It may be that God is trying to strengthen your roots.

   I could go on and give you updates in all kinds of other areas of my life, but to spare you the boredom of having to read them, I'll sign off for now. Until next time, this is Priscilla J. Krahn reminding you to stay thankful in EVERYTHING!