Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Minnesotan, You Betcha!

Since Hosanna and I have birthdays so close, we decided to combine them this year and have the married kids and grandparents over between the two. I didn't think of it till the food was all made and set out, and then I realized something. We eat strange food. What's just a normal, northern Minnesotan thing to us, is really weird to the rest of the world. I just had to take pictures of these two platters to share with you. Two types of open faced sandwiches that you can find at any potluck.

Growing up, I never thought ANYTHING strange about the peanut-butter and pickle sandwich. I mean they're GREAT! Apparently, the rest of the country doesn't eat these. Do they eat them where you're from?

And my personal favorite, the cheese-wiz and olive sandwiches. Now these are great on normal bread, but to get the VERY BEST experience, you have to use the round cinnamon bread. That's what we did here. The round cinnamon bread, with cheese-wiz and olives will always be one of my favorite open face sandwiches. Have you ever had one?

Since it was just 'light snacks,' we didn't serve any hotdish or jello salad, but those are two other things that you ALWAYS find at a potluck. 

I've been told that we do other things weird too. For example, we eat our pears green. (All of us accept Mom.) I mean a crunchy green pear is WAY better than a messy and soft yellow one. And bananas, once they get the slightest bit of brown on them, then they'd better go into banana muffins or something because then it's not much good for fresh eating. Honestly, I like mine to still be green on the ridges. And cottage cheese, that should ALWAYS be eaten on buttered toast with salt and pepper.

So, now I'm curious. What kind of things do you eat that would be considered 'strange' outside of your area, or outside of your family?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Memorizing God's Word

   For me, there's never been any doubt that I ought to be memorizing and meditating on God's Word. Obviously, God commands us to hide His Word in our hearts, and mediate on it day and night, but that's WAY easier said, than done. I've been reading a book lately where the people don't have the Word of God in writing. They only have what they've memorized, and it really gets me thinking. If I was suddenly unable to read the written Word of God, how much of the Scripture would I have?

     When I'm completely on my own, trying to memorize, I find that I don't get much done. It seems that no matter how much I preach at myself, and want to do it, it just doesn't happen. But, like the rest of our Christian life, we don't have to do it alone. With the body of Christ to help, we can keep each other accountable.

  How does that look in my life? Well, before I was 19, I was in the Bible Bee. (www.biblebee.org) Some summers, I memorized up to 800 verses, and while I don't still know them all today, some of them have stuck. If you're 7-18, and wanting to memorize more, the Bible Bee is a GREAT tool to motivate you!

  Since I'm too old for the Bible Bee now, I've had a hard time staying consistent in memorizing. Here are a couple of things that have helped me.

Number one - the kitchen marker board. Miriam is very good at putting verses up, and making sure that we learn them. Often, she motivates us with treats like ice cream or something, and sometimes she goes so far as to say, "No supper till you've learned the verse!" It's very effective, and I've learned a LOT of verses this way. 

And number two - A church Bible memory program. Recently, our church has been doing the Scripture Memory Fellowship Bible memory books. We all get to pick our book, and we're assigned someone to quote verses to on Sunday.

When you know someone is going to check in on you EVERY Sunday, and you have to quote them to them, it helps motivate you to learn them!

If you can memorize on your own, without encouragement, go for it, but if you're like most of us, and you need extra encouragement, find something to keep you accountable, and stick to it. The Word of God is a treasure, and we're commanded to memorize, so find something that works for you, and get to it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Random Pictures.

I was going through the pictures in my phone, and I found a few I thought I'd share. Enjoy! (Although my phone doesn't take great pictures so pardon the blurriness!)

We had a fun cousins game night with a few of the cousins around. We had some awesome games of four-on-a-couch, Dutch Blitz, and some kind of pictionary something or another. I'm not sure exactly what it's called. 

After some of the nieces and nephews had been away on trips, it was fun to get to babysit again!

This is from when Miriam, Hosanna, and I were in ND at the homeschool convention. We were just getting ready to check out of our hotel when the fire alarm went off. We're not sure exactly what happened, but there wasn't a fire. Anyways, when we got to our vehicle, I took a picture of the firetruck and texted it to . . .(name omitted) she didn't see the firetruck, and thought I was showing her where we were parked! I guess it's a good thing that I didn't alarm her!

This is outside of Chick-Fil-A. If you look close, you'll see the bunny rabbit in the snow. The reason for this picture goes back a few years ago to when my sisters and I were taking a walk through the woods. I heard a rustling, and this rabbit jumped up in front of us and took off. It REALLY startled me! As I let my heart rate get back to normal, I looked down, and saw that I was holding my sister's hand! They haven't let me live that down. Every time we see a rabbit, they joke about me being deathly afraid of rabbits, and needing to hold their hand. So, when we pulled up into the Chick-Fil-A drive through, I had to take a picture. Even in the city, the rabbits are after me! But seriously, I'm NOT afraid of rabbits contrary to popular belief. I simply get startled a little too easily. :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Excerpt from Ty Carson

I don't think I've done any excerpts from the Ty Carson series yet, so here's one from book one. Graveyard Bend. If you're not familiar with the basic plot of the book, Ty Carson visits Graveyard Bend, (a town) to spend the summer with his grandpa. When he arrives, his grandpa is dead, and he's convinced it was murder. Ty and some friends end up staying at his grandpa's farm, and Ty sees something out the window, he goes to check it out, and this scene takes place.

. . .“What if it is another body?” I whispered tightening my grip on the baseball bat.
Sebastian shrugged. “No one is missing. There can’t be a body if no one’s missing.”
We were getting close to the straw pile, when I stopped. “You still want to argue that it’s not a body?”
Sebastian grabbed my elbow. “Is that an arm sticking out of the straw?”
I shook my head. “Yeah, but don’t worry, it can’t be a body. No one’s missing remember? It’s probably just a random arm that someone lost.”
Sebastian turned around and waved his arms to Wally. “We’ve got to get Uncle Wyatt over here.”
I nodded. “Yeah, let’s see who it is.”
The body was dressed in a suit coat. A large gash crossed his head and dry blood clotted in his hair.
“At least they won’t have to change him for his funeral,” Sebastian whispered. “He’s already got his suit on.”
“Do you recognize him?”
Sebastian shook his head. “No, but I can’t see his face.”
I shined my flashlight on him, but his face was turned away.
I leaned forward and reached out my hand.
“What are you doing?” Sebastian hissed. “You can’t touch a dead body!”
“Why not? A real detective would.” I touched his chin and twisted his head towards us.
“I’ve never seen him before,” Sebastian whispered. “But he couldn’t have been dead for real long if his head turned that easily. Rigor mortise probably hasn’t even set in yet.”
I stared at the body. When I had touched his face, it had been warm. I reached for the body’s wrist. “Sebastian! He’s still alive!”
Sebastian dropped to his knees beside me. “Are you sure?”
“He’s got a pulse. That means his heart’s beating. If his heart’s beating, that means that his brain is still giving signals. That generally means that a body is still alive.”
“Cut out the dramatics,” Sebastian said. “This man’s hurt. We’ve got to get him to a hospital!”. . . 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

ND Homeschool Convention

I had a WONDERFUL time at the ND Homeschool convention. People have been asking me how it went. It went GREAT!!!! I mean how could my sisters and I go on a trip and not have fun???

Not only did they do all the driving, my amazing sisters also helped with set-up and take-down, and they did the 'sales handling' so that I had time to visit with people. So, did I make many sales? Did I pay for my booth? Well, no, but it was still totally worth it. I got to meet a lot of really awesome people, including a young woman who recognized me from one of the online interviews I had.

The days were a lot of fun, and then at night, we went back to our hotel and had fun together, so it felt like a vacation!

I was excited to carry Bethany's book on my table as well as a journal she designed! 

My vendor was on the end of one of the rows which I enjoyed, although I also enjoyed my neighbors and had fun getting to know them.

I always enjoy a visit from family!

So, if you've never been to a Homeschool convention, you may not be sure exactly what goes on at one. Well, in a nutshell, a homeschool convention, is an event where you meet LOTS of fellow homeschool families from your state or surrounding area, you get to attend all kinds of fun workshops and sessions, and you get to buy all kinds of awesome books!
For the sessions and workshops, they get in a lot of well-known speakers. Topics range from a-z with some for beginning homeschool families, others for more seasoned families, and some for those of us who aren't exactly in either category any more. At this last convention I attended, the speakers were people like Chuck Black, author, who spoke on Developing Discernment in your child, and more, Davis and Rachael Carman from Apologia ministries, who spoke on soaring above survival while homeschooling and more, and Jake MacAulay, CEO of the Institute of the Constitution who spoke on Faith, values, the constitution, and more, to name a few.
At the SD Homeschool convention, which I'm planning on attending, the keynote speaker is Israel Wayne. So no matter what kind of speakers you like, you'll probably find at least a few that you'll enjoy hearing.
The vendor hall, is full of booths that sell the products you love. Vendors like Lamplighter, Brinkman Adventures, Chuck Black, and dozens more. 
So, basically, if you're a homeschooler, you will LOVE the conventions!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

18 Excuses for NOT Having a Valentine Date.

         As a single young woman, I do, on occasion, have people ask me if I have a boyfriend. And the answer is, no, not yet. I'm waiting for God to bring the right man into my life, and until then, I'm serving God where He's placed me.
         But people still ask. If you're a single young woman of marriageable age, you've probably had some sweet older woman say something like . . . "I have a grandson you should meet!" Or "Why don't you have a date yet?"
         As a joke, I put together a list of 18 excuses for not having a date. Some of them could be true . . . other ones are just funny! But either way, I hope you enjoy this list.
1. His great-great-great-great grandfather died at the Alamo . . . before getting married. So, my date never had a chance to be born.

2. He rebelled against God, and now he’s in jail.

3. He was aborted.

4. He’s overseas in the military.

5. My date became a missionary to Iraq, and was beheaded for his faith.

6. His family didn’t want to let God give them all the children they were supposed to have, so they quit with four kids. He would have been number five.

7. He married the wrong girl.

8. God wanted me to be an old-maid.

9. He’s in a university getting his doctorate.

10. He’s fighting cancer and doesn’t have time to think about girls.

11. He’s looking for a Miss-America type perfect girl . . . which obviously isn’t me.

12. He’s too busy playing video games to realize that real life still exists.

13. His grandma hasn’t met me yet.

14. He thought I’d say no, so he didn’t ask, went into depression, and now he’s on drugs.

15. He’s waiting till he has a house and job.

16. He’s afraid of my dad. :)

17. He thinks my family is crazy.

18. He hasn’t learned English yet.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ty Carson Release!

  Although I won't personally be selling any of the Ty Carson series until the North Dakota Home School convention (Feb. 15-17) the first two books are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase online as kindle books, or as paperbacks!

Book one in the Ty Carson series.
Recommended for ages 10-16.

         There's nothing like spending the summer with a grandpa that you don't remember ever meeting . . . Especially when he's murdered the day you arrive.
         It's been ten years since Ty Carson's policeman dad was killed in the small town of Graveyard Bend and he hasn't been back since. . . until now.
        Stuck at the boys' home, fourteen-year-old Ty Carson searches for clues to the alleged murder. Can a baseball game, a figure dressed in black, and an old gun collection be the things that he needs to find friendship and bring him closer to God?

Book two in the Ty Carson series.

      There's nothing like getting new neighbors . . . Especially when people disappear on their property.
      After a summer at the boys' home, fourteen-year-old Ty Carson can't imagine feeling at home anywhere else. Things seemed perfect . . . until the new neighbors arrived. 
      Can a new kid, threats against the home, the new neighbors, and his mom's absence help Ty learn to trust God? When Uncle Wyatt leaves, can Ty and the gang do the right thing? Or is losing the home inevitable? With a gun in his hand, and fear in his heart, Ty has to make a decision, but will it be the right one?

  So, now, you're probably wondering about book three. Due to some major re-writing I had to do, I'm thinking it will probably not be released until sometime in March, or April. I'll keep you posted. Until next time, this is Priscilla J. Krahn reminding you not to forget how good God is.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


It had been several years since I'd been skiing, so I REALLY enjoyed getting to go again! Thank you, C. family for taking me! And for putting up with me on the 3 hour car ride!

Thank you to Marie M. and the C. family for the pictures!

I didn't get any of me coming down the big hills, but here's some pictures from close to the lodge.

And here's the group of cousins/aunts and uncle I was with!

Selfie on the ski lift!

When you think you might fall!!! Or you're just having fun! :) :) 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


These pictures were taken at Christmas . . . obviously, but this week I saw them for the first time and thought I would share them.

Every Christmas, we girls get a few pictures in front of the tree.

I'm SUPER blessed with these AWESOME sisters!!!!!!

Ah! The joys of being the youngest sister! 

And besides sisters, we're also GREAT friends.

Take time to be thankful for the siblings that God has placed in your life. Cherish your time with them, and enjoy where God has put you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Floppy Disc? Seriously!!!!

I came home this morning from helping out a neighbor, and found the kitchen table covered in old computer gear and modems from the last twenty years. Apparently the attic was being cleaned out, and Mom decided that they needed to go. I mean seriously, why would we need these old computers around? But before saying good-bye, I had to plug in the old e machine, for sentimental reasons. This is the computer that I used to type out my first complete copy of Adventures of Amy book one.

It's funny how my perspective has changed. This computer used to be REALLY cool because it had a disc slot! Now I look at it and think . . . "Is that a floppy disc slot? How old am I?"

I'll never forget the agony of typing a sentence, and then sitting back and watching the letters appear one by one in slow motion. Moving the mouse across the screen was an ordeal of it's own!

I typed in Works Word Processor, so when I decided to upgrade, I had a fit getting the file to show up on my 'new' old computer. It showed up as gibberish, but my oldest brother came to the rescue and somehow got the next computer to read my file.

Do you see the black line on the screen? It used to scroll by very consistently. I tried to save it to a USB stick, but after right clicking the document, the only options to 'send to' were either floppy disc, or CD ROM. Since the CD slot didn't work, that left me with the floppy disc option, and I don't have many of those sitting around . . .

Wow. Reading the unedited version of book one that I typed out when I was thirteen is . . . it's hard to describe. In some ways, it's hilarious! I mean the story has changed SOOOOO much since then. I mean I have a totally different villain! In other ways it hurts. I want to just grab a red pen and hack it to pieces! The grammar, the story line, and pretty much EVERYTHING about it is AWFUL!!!!! I wonder if in another few years I'm going to look at what I'm writing now and groan at it?

I tried e-mailing the document to another computer, but when I tried pulling up the internet, it said . . . Dialing . . . And I'm like "WHAT!?!?!?" I'll never forget the days of dial up. I remember being across the lawn, at Grandma's house and calling home to ask Mom a question, but the phone said busy. "She's probably using the internet. I'll just run home and ask." It was so natural at the time! Now, dial up seems so . . . old. 

Do you see all those cords, and the size of that thing?!?!?!!? I'm REALLY THANKFUL for my laptop!!!!