Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Frencolian Chronicles need our help!

  I know I ought to be doing a 'New Year's post' but, (although that may come eventually) I decided against it today.
     For today, I need help with one of my absolute favorite sets of books. The Frencolian Chronicles by Carolyn Ann Aish.
   For those of you who aren't familiar with them, there's six books in the series so far.  Which is why I'm posting this today. I read the first six books years ago. (and many times since then) and ever since I read them, I've been looking forward to the next book coming out. After years of waiting, the next book may be coming soon if it gets enough nominations. So if you have an Amazon account, I would love it if you could go to the this link and nominate it.

   If you haven't read the first six books, I highly recommend them! My only caution is that if you're a younger reader, you might want to read with caution as there are some intense scenes. The book below, Treasures, was the first book I read in the series and I was totally hooked from page one. Following the life of Jobyna and her brother Luke, Treasures is filled with drama and excitement. Through captivity, cruel treatment, and trials of all sorts, Jobyna learns what it means to have the peace that comes from God. I was really encouraged in my spiritual life by Jobyna's example and her dedication to the Bible. We never realize how precious our Bible is until it's taken away. As I read it, I found myself asking myself if I would have been brave enough to stand up for the truth in the situations that Jobyna is in.

So please, go nominate the next book so that we can find out what happens in Secrets!


  1. The books look really neat!!
    I love the your background!!

  2. The books look really interesting!!!
    I love the your background!!!

  3. Thanks for posting! We spent hours pouring over these! I have never looked at "scurry" the same ever since! :)


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