Saturday, January 7, 2017


Book update - Mission of a Lifetime is still going through the publishing process. If you're wondering when it's going to be out . . .  I can't really tell you because I'm not sure yet. Aren't I so helpful!:)

Writing update - What have I been writing since Mission of a Lifetime is out of my hands? I've just printed off a complete draft of my Inch by Inch - Writings a Cinch! a unit study on writing fiction for beginning writers. Although I've still got some editing to do, I'm excited that it's progressing nicely. My sister has completed the comics for it and I think that they're AMAZING! Thank you, Hosanna!

       I'm also working on a short story for . . . well, I can't tell you about that one yet.
       And I'm also trying to figure out which novel I'm going to complete next. I've written parts of four different books from four totally different genres. Although I like them all, I'm not sure yet whether I really want to complete any of them, or if there's something else I should be writing about. I could use prayer for wisdom on knowing what to write next.

Health update - As some of you may know, I've been sick off and on since end of November. First it was strep throat, and then I got a cold . . . which developed into bronchitis, and now, although I'm recovering from bronchitis, I'm still fighting a cough. Yesterday, I ended up going into the chiropractor for a dislocated rib caused by my coughing. I could definitely use prayer for a recovery as well. Coughing with a sore rib is . . . well, not very fun.

For someone like me who's never really had any clinic-visit-worthy illnesses in my life, it was an adventure to visit the clinic. Especially since, before they examined me and knew that I wasn't contagious, they had me where a mask. :)

Weather update - We had some good snows, and now the temperature has dropped to the negative digits which is very normal for northern Minnesota this time of year. Our patio has collected a nice snow drift or two.

Farm update - The snow makes checking fences a little more difficult and since some of the cows wanted to be in a pen with some of the other cows, we have had a few problems with the cows getting out . . . 

Spiritual update - In my devotions, I just finished reading through the book of Nehemiah. If you don't have a time set aside to read your Bible every day, you REALLY need to get one. I'm not always very good at reading my Bible EVERY day, but when I do read it every day, even if I'm not 'getting much out of it' so to speak, it helps me anyways. 
     When I look at the past few years, I find myself summing them up with different words depending on what God was teaching me. 2014-15 was 'Thankfulness,' but when I look at 2015-16 I honestly feel like the best phrase to sum it up was 'spiritually dry.' We all have times like that in our Spiritual lives. Times where we don't feel like we're growing. Times where everything seems harder than it should. But someone once explained to me about some seeds that, once planted, lie in the ground for years without any obvious life, and then suddenly, one day, they grow into huge trees at an incredibly fast rate. The secret is, during those years that the seed seems lifeless from the top of the soil, it's growing an amazing root system, so when the time is right for the plant to grow above the ground, the roots can sustain it. 
    So if you've had a spiritually 'dry' year, don't fret. Persevere, trust God, and stay faithful. It may be that God is trying to strengthen your roots.

   I could go on and give you updates in all kinds of other areas of my life, but to spare you the boredom of having to read them, I'll sign off for now. Until next time, this is Priscilla J. Krahn reminding you to stay thankful in EVERYTHING!


  1. I hope you feel better soon.
    I can't wait tell your book comes out!!

  2. Thanks for all the updates! Looking forward to the release of your book.
    Ugh, being sick is no fun. We got smote with some terrible disease at the end of November as well.
    This past year was also pretty spiritually dry for me too. Thanks for the encouragement!


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