Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ten Things You Should Write . . . Even if You're Not a Writer.

      I believe that whether you’re a writer or not, you should be writing. That DOESN’T mean you have to write books, or volumes about your life, but I think you should write at least one of the following things this year.

1.  Letters. (Who doesn’t like getting letters? Just think of all of the people you could influence for Christ through writing.)

2. Letters to long? Write short notes! There are a lot of older people who are lonely. There are a lot of parents who need encouragement. There’s a lot of young people, (even children) who could use some mentoring. One note from you, could really encourage someone and help them through a hard time.

3. Write a journal. That DOESN’T mean that you need to write loooooong journal or diary entries. But you may find that looking back on the journeys’ God’s led you might really help encourage you. Writing even once a week is good way to keep track of what God's been doing in your life.

4. Start a prayer journal. Being able to look back at answered prayers is always a huge encouragement.

5.  Write Scripture out. If you’re trying to memorize, writing really helps to learn it. However, even if you aren’t memorizing, (which you should always do!) writing Scripture is always a good thing! Write on note cards that you can post around the house. Post encouraging verses in front of the dish sink, or by the bathroom sink. Write out verses on bookmarks.

6. Write encouraging quotes in obvious places where you’ll see them often and be reminded to serve God.

7. Write thank you cards. No matter how small a service is, it’s nice to know that people appreciate it, so remember to thank people. Write notes for people when they give you something, or do something nice for you.

8.  Write sermon notes. If you struggle with paying attention during a service, writing sermon notes can really help.

9. Write lists. Do you have any trouble getting things done in the day? Write down goals and try to accomplish them. Sometimes having a simple list can keep a day on track and help us remember little things that we’re prone to forgetting.

10. Write down what you’re reading in the Bible. If you struggle with reading the Bible, writing down what you’ve read can help you realize how often you miss. If you’re really struggling. Consider finding a friend who will also write down what they’ve been reading, and then switch notebooks every week. It’s a great way to keep each other accountable.

So even if you’re not a writer. Find something to write! Writing will improve your writing of course, but it will also help you appreciate other people more, and it will make you a better reader. J

(And no, this is NOT ALL of my notebooks!)


  1. I agree! I write nearly all of those things! And I bet you don't have more notebooks than me... (lol!)

    1. You probably do have more notebooks than me! I'm afraid I've actually started getting rid of some of my older ones. :(

  2. Thanks Priscilla!!

    1. You're welcome, Joanna! Thank you for commenting!

  3. Excellent list! I have several pen pals and it's always so fun to send and receive letters. :)

    1. I'm not nearly as good at sending letters as I should be but I sure enjoy getting them! Keep it up, Gloria! I know your letters are an encouragement to people.


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