Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Do you know what a Pogo is?

  This past week, we had a school group from Canada come to the maze, and we had the hot food concessions open for them to eat lunch.
    I was taking orders, and I'm pretty sure all these K-3rd graders thought I was the most uneducated American they've ever met! Several kids asked for a Pogo, and I was just like . . . "We don't sell Pogo's . . ." And this whole time I'm thinking . . . "WHAT is a Pogo?!?!?"

   One of the kids came up and ordered Nachos and a Pogo . . . well, I misheard him, and thought he was saying, he wanted Nachos, and his NAME was Pogo. So, I wrote his name on the order slip, and charged him for the Nachos. When the order was ready, J. took my order slip and called for "Pogo". We got a few looks for hanging out the window yelling "Pogo!" while holding a nachos, but the right boy got his order, and a few minutes later, he came back asking for his Pogo. I told him, "I'm sorry, we don't have any Pogos," and explained that I'd just charged him for the nachos. The kid got a hotdog instead.
   When he left, we finally got a break, and I grabbed my phone and typed in, "What is a Canadian Pogo?"

   Do any of you know what a Pogo is?

Well, according to my phone, Pogo, is what the Canadians call a corn dog! We had a good laugh at our ignorance, and learned something new. If you knew what a Pogo was before reading this, congratulations! You can laugh at my ignorance! :) If not, now you know, and you don't have to act dumb if someone asks for a Pogo! :) :)

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