Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A few pics . . .

I used to hate the fall. . . it meant it was getting colder, and winter was coming, and all the crazy busy maze season, and I've never really cared for the fall colors, or pumpkin spice, or anything that has to do with fall . . . but these past few years have made me a lot more nostalgic. 
Now, I'm learning to LOVE the fall! First, it means Christmas is COMING!!!! :) And I've developed a tolerance/appreciation for all the fall things. I've even learned to like a bit of the Pumpkin spice rage. 
Above all, I've learned to like the memories we make in the fall. 

Dad's birthday is in October, and so is his favorite hunting season!! He took some of the grandkids goose/duck hunting for his birthday. I love listening to the kids telling about the things they saw on the hunt, and how excited they get about the smallest things.

The maze is going in full swing, and I'm SO thankful for the help I have in the food area!!!! I couldn't do it without these wonderful people! We miss you, Krystal!!!

I found this in my photo roll on my phone. As fall closes, and winter hits, a lot of people struggle with depression. As the days shorten, we don't feel like being thankful. It's easy to forget that God is good. It's easy to think about ourselves and all of our problems. But don't let the colder weather stop you from focusing on God! He's commanded us to be THANKFUL!! And to Rejoice!! Sometimes, life seems so hard. So bleak. So hopeless. But don't forget that God is still the victor in the valleys. He hasn't lost a battle yet, and if you're losing a battle, perhaps it's because you're doing too much of your own fighting. Let go, and let God take the wheel.

Here's a flashback from around nine years ago!

Before Hosanna left, she planted some flowers, and they're just now blooming! Despite all the freezing weather, and the 8 inches of rain, these flowers are blooming!!

We took some of the kids to the maze the other day (BEFORE all the rain) to water the flowers. Here we are in Paul Bunyan's chair.

And a flashback from camp! It's not every day you get to tie up the camp director! Don't worry, it was part of a game and we let him lose afterwards. :) :)

On another note, I pulled out my laptop after a summer with no writing and editing, and started again. It feels REALLY good to be back on the keyboard. It's been a strange fall for me . . . adjusting to life without my roommate and sister of 22 years . . . all the rain . . . the maze . . . and a large amount of strange events. But through it all, God has been so good. I've been learning just how important it is to choose to glorify God and be thankful. It's far too easy to dwell in the dark valley's of the past, or our mind, or current trials, instead of choosing to lift up our eyes unto the hills from whence cometh our help. But no matter what the struggles are that we face, God commands us to rejoice and to give thanks. The more we focus on our problems, and how we feel, the smaller God seems, and the more we hurt. But when we take our eyes and put them on God, and choose to glorify Him, we realize just how small we really are, and the joy of the Lord can be our strength.
Until next time, this is Priscilla J. Krahn reminding you to choose to do the right thing. Even when it's hard. Especially when it's hard.


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