Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Corn Maze Season

The leaves are turning and we've had frost, so fall is officially in full swing, and so is the corn maze. It's our 11th year of the maze and it's fun to see how things change each year. I have an odd assortment of random fall and maze pictures to share in no particular order . . .

This year, with Hosanna gone, I'm in charge of the concessions. It's been a lot of fun having a larger food area this year so we have an expanded menu!

And since the gift shop had to close this year, I've had a few people ask about my books . . . and YES, they are still available! :)

I love this picture of my nephew playing carpet ball!

And with the expanded food, I've needed full time help!

If you come to the maze on a busy day, like this past Saturday, you might run into our Pumpkin Princess, who goes around and gives out candied pumpkins!

Back to fall decor, every fall, we get out all the family hunting trophies to get us in the mood for hunting season. 

This year, the escape room, has three different levels, each level is ten minutes, and it goes along with out logging theme.

I love this shelf! I don't care what time of year it is, the decor on this shelf is usually always my favorite.

And with all the great help at the maze, we get some excitement!

And a lot of hard work done!

On another note, you may remember that last September, I started a read through the Bible chronologically in a year program, and just finished that this morning! I'll probably take a few days to read through a few places again, and then I'd like to start another scheduled program. What do you do for your devotions? Do you have a system of reading through the Bible?

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  1. Well,for my Devos I usually try to read some of the books I haven't read before,like jeremiah,and the really longer ones.But I always manage to go back to the New testament.I always manage to find something I didn't stop to look at before.God's word NEVER comes back void!


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