Friday, August 9, 2019

The Wedding . . .

So, these pictures are a little out of order, but here's my take on the wedding of my sister Hosanna, to Nate.

We had to take just one funny one.:)

This picture is actually from the rehearsal, and I have NO idea what I was talking about!

Saturday night, after the wedding, a bunch of us got together with some of Nate's family at the corn maze for s'mores and a campfire sing time.

So . . . two days before the wedding, I tripped on the stairs while carrying a metal thermos, and kind of split my eyebrow in half. After everything that had happened that week, it was kinda the breaking point and I laughed. I wasn't sure how we could hide it on Hosanna's wedding pictures. . . 

But we had some hospital tape strips, so Dad and Grandma taped me back together.

They did a pretty good job and the final job wouldn't be too noticeable on pictures.

This is the thermos I bashed my head on. The cool thing? We'd been praying that it would heal fast, and when I took of the tape strips Saturday morning, it was WAY more healed then it should have been. With a little bit of makeup, I don't think it showed on any of the pictures! PTL!!

And myself with all the sisters and sisters-in-law.

The whole wedding party.

I gave a speech at the reception, and then grabbed these guys and we sang a song for Nate.

I don't tend to follow my notes the greatest, but I enjoyed sharing things about Hosanna that most people don't know.

And I LOVE this picture of Hosanna peeking around the wall.

So yes, we survived the wedding, and it went REALLY well!!!


  1. It was a beautiful wedding!! You did great job with your speech and song!!!

  2. I'm glad you were able to make it, Joanna!

  3. I loved the pioneerin'woman song!It was such a funny one,yet it got stuck in my head for SEVERAL days afterward!My favorite part was when they were doing the ceremony,and Nate looked into Hosannas eyes with such love (I couldnt see Hosannas face due to sitting on left side of congregation),while holding her hands!P.s.where di they go for their honeymoon,do u know?I never heard where they went,lol!Love,Hannah


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