Friday, August 2, 2019

The Last Week at Camp

  It's been an adventure this past summer seeing how God's kept working things out in my life to bring me to places that I never expected to be. So, I spent this last week counseling at Northland Camp again. There were several things keeping me from being there last week, but God removed each and every obstacle in incredible ways, and while it was another long hard week, it was totally AWESOME watching God work.
   One of the coolest things was the night that an astronomy guy came in to talk about God's handiwork in the stars, and we were all praying for a clear sky. That evening there was a thunderstorm, but by the time we got outside to see if we could see anything, there were thunder clouds and lightening to the north, south, east, and west, but right above us, there was a circle of clear sky and we were able to do the lesson. Not only did God open up the sky for us, he gave us something to watch with several shooting stars, and a meter that we hadn't been expecting. While I was standing there, watching the stars, and the storm, I just kept thinking of the hymn, How Great Thou Art. 

"I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, THY power throughout the universe displayed. Then sings by soul, my Savior, God to THEE! How Great thou art! How GREAT THOU art!"

So, while this summer hasn't gone as I planned, it's been super awesome to watch how God kept working things out for His glory. And not only did He do amazing things, I had the privilege of seeing a lot of it firsthand.

On the drive out to Northland, we got to stop at the hospital and see my cousin's new baby!

And on campus, K. gave us a ride around on the golf cart.

And of course, Wacky Wednesday!!

Northland has THREE Escape Rooms, and I got to run the Bank Heist one. I just loved this bomb prop, so I had to get my picture with it.

It was a super long week, but at the end of the day, I could really sit back and thank God for each and every day. When I couldn't go on, God was my strength. When I cried, God was my comfort. When I felt alone, God never left me. When I was weak, HE was strong.

Tomorrow, my sister is getting married, so hopefully next week, I'll have some great wedding pictures, but until then, this is Priscilla Krahn reminding you to stand on the SOLID rock of God, because ALL other ground is sinking sand. Whether that ground is friends, plans, status, or relationships, ALL ground is sinking stand apart from the SOLID rock of GOD.


  1. I absolutely love looking up at the stars! They remind me of that hymn as well.

  2. Love the pictures! Such a great week!


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