Thursday, September 7, 2017

What Do I Do In The Fall?

CORN MAZE!!!!!!  Now several of you have asked me what exactly the corn maze is . . . what is it about that place that keeps me so busy? I decided to do a picture post to walk you through life at the maze.

After the corn is planted in spring, we wait for it to grow till it's around ankle high, and then we cut it. Some mazes use a GPS to do this, but we do it with a pattern that Mom drew out on grid paper, and a weed-wacker. 

As the corn continues to grow, we have to upkeep the trails by mowing them, dragging them, and sometimes, we have to cut back the leaves by hand so that they don't hang over the trail.

Then, in July, we do a float in our town's parade, and hand out cards with information about the maze.

When the maze is open, you'll drive up and see this sign.

Your first stop, should be the Concession/Admission Stand, which is the small white building you see past the covered wagon.

Once you've paid, then the maze fun begins! You can see the Granary, (Our gift shop) in the background, and the fort, is full of fun games. As you walk by, make sure to get your picture by the 'How Tall this Fall' sign!

Around the place, there's plenty of nice photo spots to capture memories at the maze!

As you get farther away from the Concession stand, you'll find this tire dragon that's a lot of fun to run around on. Also, in the background, you can see part of the sign for the Maze-land game.

One of people's favorite's activities is the hayride, sometimes the hayride stops by a pasture and you get to help feed the cows!

Another favorite, is the bale mountain! It's a great place to play tag, run around for fun, or get pictures on!

It's especially nice for family pictures!

You'll also get to enter the "Ark"! As you go into the petting zoo, you'll be met by farm animals, and you may even get the chance to feed them!

Friendly and curious as ever!

Of course we have a lot of smaller games around the place, including these duck races!

We have a smaller corn maze for younger kids with a game in it for them to play.

The pumpkin patch is fun, and also educational!

On the back of the gift shop building you can look at the photos from other years. Every year we have  theme, and the maze is cut in the shape of the theme. This year, in the bottom right corner, you can see our "Building Memories" theme.

When you come out of the maze, you're greeted by the balloon booth! With the giant slingshot, people have fun launching water balloons!

If you hit one of these targets with a balloon, you get a free can of pop or bottle of water.

Then of course, the corn box. If it's been a rough day and you need a place to sleep . . . well, maybe this isn't the best spot!

There's plenty of great photo spots!

Over by the ark, there's the ball game where you can pick between a baseball, football, and a random green ball and try to get the ball through the right hole.

If you want a fun, short walk through the woods, we have the Waxy Willow Trail. It's really neat to walk it at night as it's lit up with mini lights!

In the fort, there's giant jenga, lookout towers, a sand box, box hockey and more.

Then of course, the entrance to the big maze! As you go in, you can grab a card from one of the mailboxes and play a game with signs hidden in the maze. If you turn in your card at the end, you'll get a small treat. The maze has around 3 1/2 miles of trails and usually takes around a half hour to go through. Of course, if you use the map, it can be done way faster.

Here we have the puckskee, and behind it, you can see the "Right Turn Only" maze. If you like brainy puzzles, you'll enjoy this small bale maze. I don't have a picture of everything, but that's what a visit to the maze would look like in a nutshell. So this is what I do in the fall. There's plenty of work to do to keep things looking nice, and of course I work in the Granary and Concession stand as well. So, if you get bored this fall, come visit us! There's plenty of fun to be had and you can build GREAT memories! For more information about the maze, you can visit www.countrycornmaze.org, or look the maze up on Facebook.


  1. Wow, that looks like so much fun! Y'all sure do put a lot work into it!

  2. Great description of the maze! Your family has made the activities bigger and better every year!

  3. It sure is a fun place!
    Thanks for posting!!


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