Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Blueberries and Bible Truths

This time of year the forest is beautiful! There's wild raspberries, wild strawberries, wild june berries, and wild blueberries everywhere!
 We've only been able to get out blueberry picking twice because of our crazy schedule, but we've been able to get several gallons. I think it's amazing how God put all of those good things out there for anyone to have.

The forest has more good berries than you can image and they're all free for the taking. Of course if you stay at home, you'll never get to experience the joy of fresh blueberries right off the plant. This illustrates two things in my mind. First, the berries can seem far away and hard to get, but once you're actually in the forest, they're everywhere! I find that it's often the same in our daily devotions. Sometimes it seems really hard to take the time to read the Bible, but once you start reading, there's wisdom and encouragement everywhere!  Second, the berries are ripe and good, but in a few short weeks, they rot/die and fall of the plants if no one picks them. The world is like the forest and the lost people of the world are like the blueberries, they're everywhere, and if we don't go and pick them, (i.e. share the gospel with them,) they will die and fall into Hell. So go share the gospel with someone!

This week, I'm going to be helping at our county fair where our church has a booth to share the gospel. I would really appreciate prayer for those of us who are going to be helping. We normally get several hundred people through and are able to share the gospel and give tracts to hundreds of kids, parents, and grandparents. So please pray for the hearts of the people we're sharing with to be "ripe" and ready to believe. Also pray for safety for everyone involved. I know Satan hates it when the gospel is preached and he isn't going to sit by watching while we work.

"I cannot share the gospel with everyone, but everyone can share the gospel with someone." - varied quote from Ronald Regan

"Why wait for a call to missions when you have a command?" - Bob Hughes

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  1. That's a cool illustration!!
    I will be praying.


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