Saturday, April 16, 2016

Epilogues and Prologues

         I'll never forget the first book I read with an epilogue. It was The Disappearing Jewel of Madagascar and when I got to the back and saw the 'epilogue' I thought that it was like the rest of those "boring" pages that author's write at the end of their books. Since it wasn't marked as one of the chapters, I didn't read it. Weeks later, my sister made a comment to me about how the book ended and I went back to see because I didn't remember it. If you've ever read one of the Accidental Detective books, then you know that you HAVE to read the epilogues. When I realized that I had missed out on the best part of the book I decided to always read the epilogues.
       As you may know, Never Forget, ends with an epilogue and although it's not one of the 'chapters' it's just as important to the book as any of the chapters. So if you've never read a book with epilogues or prologues, here's a tip, ALWAYS READ THEM! I can understand if you don't read all of the acknowledgements and the notes from the author, but you HAVE to read the epilogues and prologues. Well... you don't actually have to, but if you don't, you'll miss out on part of the story. So if/when I write books with prologues and/or epilogues, please read them!
         If you're wondering what I'm doing now that Never Forget is published, I'm still writing. I'll tell you more about my current writing projects later, but for now, you can just know that I am writing.

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  1. I never read anything in a book unless it is marked with a chapter number. ;) I will have to start reading them. I can't wait to read "Never Forget"! And hopefully, there will be more books later too. ;)


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