Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My Summer at Camp :)

Everyone keeps asking me how my summer was. It was GREAT!!!! Yes, it was one of the hardest summers of my life, but it was so rewarding and worth every bit of the work. Some would say that I had the privilege of leading one of my campers to Christ. . . Yes, I did get to pray with her, but I wasn't the one doing the work. I saw God working in so many ways this summer . . . many young people got saved and many more made commitments to surrender areas of their lives to Christ.
      There's nothing like spending the summer watching God work. There were weeks where God worked in spite of me, and there were weeks that God worked through me, but in every situation, God stretched me and helped me grow.
      I feel like my summer had three phases. The first part, I was constantly taught and reminded by God that I can't do anything. I can't change people's lives, I can't get people saved, and I can't even have a godly attitude on my own. I have to rely completely on God. I was reminded over and over that life isn't about me. It doesn't matter how good of a job, or how bad of a job I do, it's not about me. It should all be about bringing glory to God. The second part of the summer reminded me of how good God is. How much God loves to bless us, and how much He wants a relationship with us. And the third part of the summer taught me that I can't let other people and their struggles rob me of the joy of the Lord. After pouring my week into campers, praying for them and investing, I wanted to see them change, and when some of them didn't, I got discouraged. I was reminded that I can't let other people discourage me and get me down. As long as I'm living in the center of God's will, I can have the joy of the Lord no matter how other people respond.

We had a staff talent show and I wrote a poem to read about the staff.

During teen camp, there's a red team vs. blue team competition and I was on the red team. We had so much fun together!

They had a dunk tank and although I don't have a picture of myself in it, I did get to go in it. It was AWESOME, although the water was cold.

Every week we had a different speaker. This is Mr. Mike Manor, he spoke the last week and really challenged us to do something for God.

We had a lot of fun as a staff and when they were making sure the cotton candy machine was ready to go it got a little crazy!

I was so blessed to have my friend Jess come and work at camp for part of the summer. Thank you, Jess, for being such a great friend, and for most of these pictures. :)

At our staff party, we had an AWESOME game of Kube which I had never played before.

Time with friends:)

Also at the staff party, we had a great game of Wiffle Ball.

The people at the church I attended were VERY hospitable and when we went over to one of their houses, they let us see their cars! He also had a motel T.

One of my favorite parts of the summer, was getting to belay. This is us during staff training making sure we know what we're doing. 

On the weekends, we staff members had a great time of relaxing and refreshing for the next week. There were some games of Round Robin.

They have two zip-lines, one is around 650 feet, and the other one is around 450 feet. I had never been on a zip-line before and I'm a little scared of heights, but during training, I had to go down them, and I actually had a lot of FUN!

During Teen camp, we have what we call 'Wacky Wednesday'. I don't normally look wacky deliberately, but on this AWESOME day of the week, I could be as wacky as I wanted and no one thought it was strange!

I had a lot of 1st experiences at camp.

It was my first time to do the following things . . .

1. Belay.
2. Zipline.
3. Escape room.
4. Dunk Tank.
5. Being a camp counselor.
6. Lazor tag.
7. Go to Meirs.
8. To eat a 'REAL' MI pastie.

 There were a LOT more firsts, but that will have to be another post for another day. 

This is Priscilla J. Krahn reminding you to have a great day glorifying God!!



  1. Are you actually related to me?!?!??!
    Looks like you had a great time!!

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    Thanks for posting!!

  3. Wow, looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for all the pictures. :D

  4. Wow, that looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

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