Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Working Women?

"I heard you're working now!"

Several people have been asking me about this and, first off, that's a flawed question!!!! I've been working all my life! I'm employed by the farm, the corn maze, my parents, and my writing. At this point, writing is my job. However, yes, I did just get a job outside of the home if that's what you mean by working. We're friends with the owners of a local store, and they were in need of some help. So, I decided to help.
    Since I got the job, several people have asked me about it. I mean after all, I've always had a list of reasons why I don't think that women should work outside the home. What changed my mind? Nothing. I still have those same convictions. Yet, when I talked about the job with my parents, we discussed my list, and not one thing on my list applied to this situation. What is on my list? Well, as a family, we've seen a lot of young women get jobs and lose some of their convictions, so as a family, we have a list of concerns/convictions in regards to women working.

    Number One - Working with ungodly people. Yes, we should be strong enough to stand alone in the midst of ungodliness, but when a lot of young women get jobs, they aren't firm enough in their convictions to stand alone. They get surrounded by bad language, bad influences, and bad men, and they don't know how to stand. One time, I saw a Christian young lady who wanted to do the right thing, but she got a job in a secular work place, and ended up marrying the wrong man because of it. We women in general, but specifically young women, are designed by God, to need protection. Some girls hate this idea and think it makes them less important. But the truth of the matter is, that this need for protection does NOT make us less important! People protect what is important to them. The very fact that God wanted us women to need protection means that we ARE important!!! So my parents and I agreed that I should not get a job working in a place that could damage me spiritually, but after discussing it, we agreed that there's no concern of that at this local store because it's a Christian store, and the other workers aren't an issue! Even if they were, I work by myself most of the time, so it still wouldn't be an issue.

     Number Two - Leaving  the home. According to Proverbs 31, a godly woman should work hard at home. To care for the household to serve, and to raise godly children. Many women now days spend so much time away from home, that they don't get to mold their children as much as they should. The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world, but so many women these days revolt against having to change the world from the home and they want to go out and be seen making a difference, when God intended for us women to change the world from our home. After discussing this with my parents, we agreed that at this point in my life, I'm in a different category. No longer am I a young child that needs parental supervision at all times, and I'm not a mother who needs to be there for her family. In the Bible, young people stayed home serving and helping their parents with their ministries, and sometimes, those parents would send their young people off to help others. My parents wanted me to be able to help their friends, and since the job is only temporary, I don't have to worry about getting so in-trenched into it that I can't quit if something were to come up where I was needed more at home. So by helping out in town like this, I'm helping my parents fulfill their desire to be a blessing and a help to others.

     Number Three - Having to sell ungodly things. Many work places where you could get a job, whether it's at a gas station, or grocery store, you may have to sell cigarettes, alcohol, trashy magazines, or gambling tickets. No Christian should ever be in a position where they have to sell such things. In the book of Habakkuk in the Bible, it pronounces a woe on those who give things to others that can make them drunk. Again, this didn't apply with the job I took because they don't sell any of those things!

    Number Four - Music. A lot of places you can work have ungodly music blaring all day long. Music that can cause serious problems for a Christian with convictions against it. This is where we had a bit more of a problem. The store only plays Christian music. However due to some of my convictions in the area, some of the Christian music is not something I would listen to at home. Is this an issue? Yes, it could be and probably would be for a lot of people in my position, however for me, it's not. All my life, I've had practice at tuning things out. When I'm writing and someone's talking in the next room, I have to learn to tune them out. Honestly, I can walk into a store with hard rock music playing, and hardly notice it, if I'm focused on what I'm supposed to be doing. So yes, this would be a problem for many, but at this point, it's not an issue for me.

     Number Five - T.V.s. Many business establishments have T.V.s running all day. If you're not controlling the remote, you can't control what comes across that screen. So many sinful, immoral, ungodly and wrong things can come across that screen. Things that should not be in a Christian's mind. Things that if you see, you won't be able to forget.  Again, at my workplace, there isn't a t.v. running.

     Number Six - Parents. Many young people want a job because everyone else has one, and they disregard parents wishes, or they beg and plead until their parents give in. This ought not to be. God commands us multiple times throughout the Bible to honor our parents. That doesn't mean we have to agree, but we have to honor them. In this case, my parents were in favor of me getting the job. Almost more than I was! So my recommendation to you, if you're considering a job or not, is talk it over with your parents. They've been around a lot longer than you, and they may have a list of their own convictions/concerns about you working. Discuss it with your parents, find out what they think, and honor them in whatever you do. You can read my article on honoring your parents here.

    So that's my take on women working. I realize that many of you will disagree with me, and that's fine. These are my convictions, not yours. The question is, do you have convictions? Do you ever discuss things with your parents? And most importantly, are you praying about the decisions you're making? If you're considering a job or working a job, ask yourself if it will hinder your ministry or enhance it? Could you do more for God staying home?


  1. Thanks for that, Priscilla! It encouraged me to hear another girl just like myself speaking out on it. Do well at your job :)

  2. This was quite an insightful list! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Priscilla!!
    Happy working!!


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