Monday, February 20, 2017

Inch By Inch - Writing's A Cinch!

   I'm pleased to announce that Inch By Inch - Writing's A Cinch a unit study on writing fiction for beginning writers is now available!!!!

     ABOUT - The unit study consists of twelve 'Inches' (or chapters) with lessons and blanks to fill in and get your student to move forward in their writing. It can be done along with your students regular school, or as a side book for fun. Each unit could take up to a week to complete, but if you have a dedicated student who is passionate about moving forward in their writings, they could easily do one unit per day.

     WHO IS IT FOR? - If you're a beginning beginner and you write fiction, this is for you. It does not cover writing non-fiction.

     WHERE TO PURCHASE? - Inch By Inch - Writing's A Cinch is available for purchase at where you can also see a sample of the interior. The price on Lulu is $10.50. If you wish to purchase it through me directly, I do have copies for sale at $10.00 +shipping.

    A special thank you to Hosanna Krahn for her illustration work on the interior comics!

Now you may be wondering why I would write a book like this. I mean I've only written nine books and I have a LOT of room for improvement. Why would I write a unit study when I'm still a beginner myself? Well, ever since I started writing, I've had younger writers asking me questions. Questions that I've been forced to learn the answers to over the last few years. This work book was put together to answer those questions, and to teach younger writers the things that I've learned in the last seven years of writing. So this is for BEGINNING beginner writers. 

I'm currently working on putting together a four to five hour workshop for beginning writers based on this book. More to come on that soon.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask!

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