Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A 'not so practical' joke. . .

      Earlier this year, a certain cousin of mine showed me an AWESOME trick to play on people. :):) (I'll have a picture of it at the bottom, but if you don't like pain . . . scroll with caution:)

      That night, Mom was gone, so I texted her a picture of it. . . the problem was, she actually believed me. Looking back, it's probably NOT a good idea to try to convince your mom that you accidentally stuck a needle through your finger, when you really didn't. That was NOT a very mature thing to do. . . yet if we never tease anyone and we never tell jokes and laugh, and we're perfectly mature all the time, is that really showing maturity?

       My theory is this . . . Maturity is knowing when you're allowed to be immature. :) So trying to convince an adult that you're hurt . . . well, it's not a very mature thing to do. (Remember the little boy who cried wolf?)

       All that being said, I have to share with you the 'illusion' that I was shown. Just don't go and use it on the wrong person . . .

    It's actually two pieces of pencil led, (like you might get out of a mechanical pencil) pressed on either side of my finger until they were stuck. A drop of food coloring, and the lighting that made it look swollen and . . . presto . . . you have a semi-convincing needle-through-the-finger look.


  1. I remember that Amos thought it was real too!!
    Thanks for the lesson with it too.

  2. This was confidential! You weren't supposed to share this with the whole world! Thanks for the great lesson!!!!
    A certain cousin of yours :)

    1. Sorry 'certain cousin' but don't worry, there's plenty of people who won't see this blog post that you can use it on!:):):):)

  3. Hehehe! I've tried several pranks of my own but fortunately they all failed. :)
    I like your theory! It's something I'll have to think about.

  4. None of your sisters, or brothers for that matter, ever tried to trick their mom! Scare me maybe, but not trick me. Can't believe I fell for it!


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