Saturday, May 7, 2016

For Mother's Day...

      I'm not really a poet, but I've tried my hand at a few poems over the last ten years. I wrote this poem for Mother's Day several years ago and I thought now would be a good time to post it. Thank you Mom for being the BEST!!! This poem is for you.

"Our Gratitude"
To all dear mothers I direct this poem,
Whether your children are home, or you are left alone.
Our gratitude to our mothers cannot be fully expressed,
But if we keep silent, we are sure to get depressed.
Where is one to start in saying, thank you?
The things you've done for us are more than a few.
I'm sure as children we seemed ungrateful wretches,
Spilling our food and staining our dresses.
We remember the time we broke your mirror,
Then hid and cowered in fear.
It was a simple game,
But you said that our excuse was pretty lame.
We remember the times we scared you into a fit,
By "Accidently" giving a sibling a rough hit.
We didn't know what to think when you cried till your eyes were red,
Then, "I love you," you said.
So how do we thank you for fixing our hair?
For all of the stories that you did share.
For long walks,
Or late night talks.
When we were little, we kept you from sleep,
And now that we're older, we do things that make you weep.
You loved us enough to care for us,
Even when we put up a fuss.
Thank you isn't even enough,
To describe our gratitude to God for making you so tough.
All we can say is that God made our mothers,
To be like no others.
The only thing that we can say, is that we want be,
Like the mother that in you we see.
The greatest form of gratitude,
Is the imitation attitude.
Like you we really want to be,
So we will try to kiss every hurt knee.
And love others unselfishly,
Because you loved us, and that we can see.
So if anyone ever asks us how we learned to be a mother,
We'll tell them that we owe it to our Christian mother, and no other.
The form of gratitude that we want to give,
Is to show you that for Christ, we will always live.


  1. I love it!! That sure explains Moms!

  2. May the Lord richly bless all the Christian mothers who sacrifice so much to rear their children in the fear of the Lord.


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