Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Favorite Non-fiction

     I came across a list the other day called 'Five Books Every Christian Should Read,' (or something like that.) Anyway, it got me thinking about the books I've read that have challenged me.
   Obviously, the Bible is the most powerful book anyone can read. I've never found a problem yet that the Bible didn't have an answer for.
   After the Bible, I think the following books are probably some of the books that have impacted me the most.
(Disclaimer: Just because I recommend the following books does not mean I fully endorse or agree with them from every point of view.)

    1. Do Hard Things - by Alex and Brett Harris

I first read this book at a time in my life when I was really struggling with doing anything that was hard, or out of my comfort zone, and God really used it in my life as a wake up call. I still need constant reminders to get busy doing things for Christ, but this book was a huge encouragement to me and very convicting. I highly recommend it.

      2. The Teenage Years of Jesus Christ - by Jerry Ross

I'm not sure how old I was when I read this, and honestly, I don't remember that much about it. All I know, is that after I read it, I felt convicted, and challenged. I remember feeling guilty when I finished reading it because I hadn't been living with the passion that I knew Jesus wanted me to have.

       3. How to Win Souls and Influence People for Christ - by Ray Comfort

We all need motivation to be bold and share Christ don't we? I know I do, and when I read this book, it lit a fire under me. I don't know about you, but I find it really easy to sit back and never approach anyone about Christ. It's easy to make excuses and to walk through life ignoring the lost, but this book will totally slaughter all of your excuses. It's been a while since I read it, but it's definitely a convicting book and totally worth your time to read.

   4. Will Our Generation Speak? - by Grace Mally

Much like the above book, this book was an extremely convicting and challenging book. It does a great job motivating you to share the gospel and she has some great ideas and tips to make it easier!

       5.  Ten P's in a Pod - by Arnold Pent III

This book was a real challenge to me in a lot of areas, but it especially challenged me to know my Bible. Not only is this book full of challenges, it's also very entertaining. I highly recommend it for the whole family! I actually read this one out loud on a road trip and it kept us all entertained.

              Okay, now that I've started, I can think of a lot more books that I could put down here. Maybe sometime I'll add some more. These aren't necessarily in order of importance and there are a lot more I can recommend as being 'life-changing', but for now, there's a few to keep you busy! Until next time, this is Priscilla Krahn reminding you to stay thankful! (In EVERYTHING!)

  (I'm curious, what are your favorite non-fiction books? Go ahead and let me know by leaving a comment.)


  1. I think the only one I have read is "Ten P's in a Pod" . I really enjoyed that one. ;)

  2. I've read Do Hard Things and am currently reading Will Our Generation Speak. Both very inspirational and convicting reads!

  3. Something that really helped me was a little book called "My Heart, Christ's Home". It is definitely worth the 15 minutes it will take you to read it! -Jess

  4. I've read the "My Heart, Christ's Home," and Jess is right. It's totally worth your time to read it! You can all add that to your list of "must reads"!


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