Friday, January 29, 2016


Since I finished writing the rough draft for book four I've been doing something as likable to me as having my teeth pulled. Editing... and editing... and editing. There's no end to it. Parts of the editing I don't mind but other parts of it... let's just say it's hard work.
     Right now, I'm still doing the story editing part. (That's making sure the whole story lines up with itself and the other ones in the series.) It's probably the easiest part of editing for me. However I'm also doing the hardest part of editing right now as well. I'm doing the 'message editing' Basically, I'm going through and making sure that the message and theme is the way I want it. I think this is one of the hardest parts because it's the most important to me. There is more than enough books out there that can be read and enjoyed that don't teach anything. I want my books to be different. I want people to be changed for the better because of my books. Not only does this require the most work editing, it also requires the most prayer.
     In order to have a good message in a book it has to fit the story and flow in a realistic way or your readers will laugh their heads off. I've learned that good, God honoring conversations don't always just happen. They often take a lot of prayer, even in real life. So don't forget to pray hard about the message in everything you write. Even a simple e-mail has potential to teach something if we're willing to take the opportunity.
      So while I'm editing book four, I've also been working some on the other three in the series. As you know, Never Leave Me, Never Again, and Never Without Hope are all published in one book right now. Well that's going to change. I'm planning on re-publishing them into three books and then adding the fourth to complete the series.
    Mom and I have been working on cover design, and then yesterday, I ordered a proof copy of Never Leave Me. So hopefully, in another month or so I should have the first three books available as separate books. I'm still not sure exactly when book four will be out but I'll try to keep you posted on its progress. It'll probably be at least two or three months.
   Until next time this is Priscilla J. Krahn reminding you to stay strong in the Lord!

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  1. So excited about book 4. I'll be praying for.
    - Abby


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