Sunday, February 21, 2021

February in Review!

 So, February is flying by!!!! For those of you who were waiting for my Valentine post, wondering what could possibly follow up on the last few years posts on 18 Excuses for Not Having a Valentine Date, 16 Ways to Avoid Getting a Valentine Date, and 14 Ways to Get a Valentine Date, I'm sorry! I've actually worked on a couple of lists . . . and there may still be one coming! Though, if I don't get it done in the next week, it may have to wait till next year . . .

    What's had me so busy? (Besides work, life, and . . . yeah, life.)

Well, in early February, I had the opportunity to attend a ladies retreat in WI, and was SO encouraged and blessed by it! Unfortunately . . . I don't think I got any pictures there.

Then, this past weekend, I was in Bismarck, ND for the Homeschool convention! We had such an amazing time!

I had the opportunity to do a workshop on Self-Publishing.

And after a long day at the convention, we stopped at Cracker Barrel. The latte was AMAZING!!

On the way home, we got to our hotel in Fargo pretty late, and it was freezing cold, and we were exhausted, so of course, we had to get a picture! 

Re-wind into January, where I had a fun time catching up with some cousins!

Mainly, because one of them got married!!! If you've paid any attention to people in pictures on my blog, chances are that you've seen these two quite a bit. These two have been there for me through thick and thin, and I couldn't be happier for them! It was such a joy and blessing to be a part of their wedding!

This week, I'll be attending the virtual SoCal Christian Writer's Conference, and then I've got to start planning for the next thing!

Other notes of interest . . . I did sign a contract to spend the summer working at a Bible Camp in New York, and that will be a new adventure for me! I'll also be attending the South Dakota Convention again this year.

As far as writing goes . . . I'm still working on several projects, but the next one to be published will be book one in the Preacher Kid series. I'm SO excited to be working with Sword of the Lord Publishing House!

Until next time, this is Priscilla Krahn, reminding you to stay thankful in everything!

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