Monday, June 1, 2020

Bible Bee and Book Spotlight

Since I aged out of Bible Bee, I haven't done much in-depth study. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it, and how much there is to learn from deeply studying the Word of God!

It’s June 1st people!!!! And this year, as a local host, I’m back at it. Already, it’s been SO fun and a real blessing! It's amazing the things that pop out from God's Word when you're truly seeking God with your whole heart.

This year, we’re studying’TRUST’ through the life of Joseph. Joseph is one of my FAVORITE Bible characters, and his life is such an example!!

You think your family is mean?
You think you’re treated wrong?
You think you’ve been falsely accused?
You think your life is ruined?

SO did Joseph! But he trusted God through it all, and God uses it for incredible good! If ever anyone had the right to be bitter, hurt and angry, it was Joseph, but instead of reacting, he trusted God. He knew God was good no matter what, and he rested in that.

In these crazy times we live in it's easy to get stressed, angry, frustrated, and even bitter, but we don't have to! We can trust God like Joseph did. We can trust God no matter what.

It's been SO good to be back in deep-study mode!

What have you been studying in God’s Word lately?

Also, I've been slowly doing a book spotlight of each of my books with a bit of information about where the idea came from and other interesting facts about the book. This week, it's Ty Carson!


Growing up on a farm, Dad always had groups of boys helping out around the place and sometimes, I felt like we lived in a boys' home. After a fun year of farm/boys camp, I got the idea to write a series of books about a boys home.

Watching these young guys provided plenty of inspiration, and in the process of writing it I'm sure I drove some of them crazy with questions.

Unlike my previous books that had one strong major driving theme or theme verse, Ty Carson took a different direction with each book following his day-to-day struggles.

People have been asking if I'm planning on adding to the series. The answer is yes, but not yet. I've already started on a rough draft for book four, and I have the basic outline for book five, but they're currently on hold as I work on finishing up a few other projects. So, yes, I want more Ty Carson books too! But it may be a few years before they're ready.

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