Monday, November 8, 2021


 So, during the corn maze, Miriam and I decided we were going to take a little getaway vacation. So I booked us a Vrbo cabin. The thing is, I made the reservation during the corn maze. As a general rule, I try not to make major decisions during the maze, and this is a great example of why I don’t!

I failed to read the fine print. I thought we’d be getting this great cabin to ourselves, but as our reservation neared, I looked closer, and realized that I had booked a lodge. As in a cabin with multiple rooms rented out and common living areas to share. 

It also happened to be opening hunting weekend and my plans crashed. I’d been planning to watch Pride and Prejudice on the big screen TV and drink coffee in the kitchen and run around like a maniac. Well okay, maybe not that last one but you know! 

At this point I was considering calling the owner and finding out who else would be staying there. Would we be alone with a bunch of hunters? Families? Serial killers? But seriously, who calls a hotel and asks about the people in the rooms down the hall? 

It was dark when we got there, and we quietly explored the place and discovered that we had it all to ourselves! I got to do everything I planned, and we LOVED it! The second night, there was another couple staying there as well, but in such a large lodge we barely saw them. 

Of course, being hunting weekend, the owner was in and out getting hunting supplies, but despite the people, and the roofing crew, we had such a relaxing time! 

I just love the kitchen stools!!! 

We went to the Brewed Awakenings Coffee shop in Grand Rapids, MN. We both tried something new. She got a lavender latte and I got a Tuscan truffle latte. They were… interesting. Definitely not becoming our favorites, but still good. 

We stopped by the Upper Red Lake and looked around the old abandoned fishery. 

Paul Bunyan’s chair! 

A few weeks ago I made pumpkin scones! 

We had a Christmas shoe box packing party at church. 

This is in the old school building in Grand Rapids with the craft shows inside. 

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  1. It reminds me so much of the ACE convention this past April.My,how time has flown!I can't help remembering that and smile.I had such a great time and look back on it with fond memories!


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