Sunday, June 20, 2021

Longview Camp and a New Book Release!

 Once again . . . I'm sorry the pictures are all out of order! But here's a glimpse at the past several weeks. I haven't had my camera with me very much, so a huge thankyou to everyone who sent me pictures!

One of my most exciting moments of these past few weeks, was getting the call that my first Preacher Kid book is officially published!

Check it out at SwordBooks.

Book one, is The Clue in the Pulpit - Getting dragged out of church by your ear is never easy. Especially when you’re the preacher’s kid.

For thirteen-year-old Titus Rich, trouble seems inevitable, but when a broken chair leads to a mystery from the past, he strives to redeem himself. With his siblings’ help, Titus sets out to find answers, but someone in the church doesn’t want them finding the truth. How far is that someone willing to go to stop them? Can Titus establish the PK Detectives without getting kicked out of church for good?

A few weeks ago, Eli and I flew to NY where we'll be working all summer at Longview camp. I've spent a few summers working in the camp ministry, and I'm SO excited to see what God's going to do this summer!

I've been doing a variety of things, including jumping in the kitchen on occasion!

We have a GREAT summer staff!!! This is us on a grand tour of the property, which included an awesome hike through the woods. NY has WAY more hills than I'm used to, and it's SO beautiful! :)

It's always neat seeing how God brings together the right team for the right time. I love being surrounded by young people who want to serve God!

Re-wind to BEFORE I came to NY, and I was in FL with Pine Ridge Homeschool as a sponsor and judge for the International A.C.E. Student Convention. It was an awesome week of great preaching and fellowship, and here we are in a bit of 'dead time', playing a game of boggle.

It was a little different this year, but we still had a great group. It was a lot different being on the sponsor side of things, instead of competing, but I loved every minute of it!

And, as I go about doing housekeeping chores, I sometimes get pulled into the kitchen for a picture!

We do get a lot of work done, but in the evenings, we do have some fun too! I'd never played giant Uno, or Spicy Uno, so playing Spicy Uno with GIANT Uno cards was a blast!

We had the opportunity to serve in a local church by singing, and doing Sunday School and Children's Church. I love visiting local churches. No matter where I go, I always feel at home with fellow believers.

And one weekend, we went to 'The Caboose' for ice cream and a game of mini golf!

And I just had to share this one because I LOVE the illustrations that my publisher put in the book!!

I'm staying busy as ever, and am enjoying the new camp experiences, as well as the Spiritual encouragement. It's my first time being in New York state, so I've been enjoying the beauty of western New York country.
As I'm here serving, I'm reminded of just how special the camp ministry is. We have the opportunity to share Christ with children, and some of those children have never heard the gospel. If you ever get a chance to work at a Bible camp for even one summer, it's TOTALLY worth the experience.


  1. Fun! I'm so excited about your new book!! Do you have an email address or something I can contact you about getting a signed copy of some books for a friend?

    1. Absolutely! You can contact me at my email,


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