Monday, August 24, 2020

I'm Still Alive!

  Yes, I realize that after almost five years of posting on my blog every week, I just went four weeks without posting, but I'm still here!

  I'm just going to do a couple of quick pictures to give you a brief update on what kinds of things have been keeping me so busy that I haven't posted, and then I'll give a bit of a book update at the end.

I was a local host this year for the Bible Bee, and we had our Proclaim Day in early August. It was a great group and a real privilege to be their host!

We had fun Bible BEE decorations, complete with Bible BEE cupcakes.

Then, the same week, Mom, Marie, and I were the 'camp cooks' for Farm Camp this year, and that kept us busy full time. Not the cooking itself, but everything else it entailed. Like defrosting the freezer when the fridge quit . . . and harvesting beans, and weeding flowers at the maze. Thank you, Marie for all the help! It was a great week.

Then, I ended up being an election judge at the local MN primary election. It was a new experience for me, but a great one! I enjoyed it, and encourage everyone to get involved when they get the chance.

Then, Miriam got home from New York, and we jumped into maze prep. The corn maze opens this weekend, and we're still working frantically to get everything done. Here, Miriam is stirring paint so that we can touch some things up.

Then, of course, the cows decided to get out, and Miriam and I got to go help Dad and Isaac get the beef herd back where it belongs.

So, with everything going on, and the maze opening this weekend, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post over the next eight weeks, but I'll do my best.

As for writing, I was in contact with a publisher on my first PK Detective book, but they wanted to read the second book in the series before we signed any contracts. So, I frantically finished a book, and sent it off, and should hear back in a few weeks with a definite yes or no.

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